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Holistic Services

Please note, some of these services are separate from and not endorsed by CRPO. These services are also not endorsed by Psychology Today. 

Energy Healing


Everybody holds the key to their own healing but sometimes the body needs a little help and this is where holistic therapies come in. I’m a caring and experienced Reiki Master specializing in addressing root causes of symptoms such as pain. These sessions include a discussion about any findings and insights

along with your experience. 

Plan for 60 minutes       $95 +HST

Auricular Acupuncture

Enjoy 45 minutes of relaxation following the application of acupuncture needles to five points in both of your ears.

This helps with:

-reduced cravings for drugs, alcohol, and nicotine

-minimized withdrawal symptoms

-relief from stress and emotional trauma

-inner calm and mental strength

Plan for 60 minutes    $95 +HST


The Ultimate Healing Combo

I Want It All!!  Combine Reiki, Auricular Acupuncture, and Coaching for the ultimate healing and self-growth experience. This session is all about you!

Plan for 90 minutes.             $190 +HST

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